15 Pictures That Prove What A Frighteningly Strange Place The World Is

Today our population has reached 7.4 billion and is said to rise to 10 billion by the year 2060. With all these new people coming into the world there’s going to be a few weirdos and these 16 photos that follow show there’s proof in that pudding.


1. The Joker’s at it again with those school buses.


2. “I’m flying, Jack!”


3. “Let’s roll-er disco!”

4. “I’m just going to get out the magic sex change and lobotomy hammer”.


5. “Hawow! Ith tho nithe to meeth you.”


6. “Listen lady, it’s called a moving company, not a ‘we won’t break your stuff’ company.”

7. This is the work of the Devil!


8. Someone’s getting ready to commit a crime.


9. “It seems that we are at an impasse”.

10. Businesses throw a lot of money at gender confusion.


11. On the catwalk.


12. At least you know it’s not going to be stolen.

13. “I wasn’t really using that limb anyway.”


14. “I don’t mean to alarm you, but you seem to have a worm farm inside your arm.”


15. A tunnel of human idiocy.