15 Picture-Perfect Moments Of Animals Who Got Woken Up Too Early!

1.  Sleep, you spin my head right round, right round!


2. Need. More. Sleep.


3. Bear Necessities – Sleep

4. So sleep depraved right now!


5. My eye says ‘Breakfast’, my mind says SLEEP!


6. Who told you to wake me up this early, human?!

7. Leave me be…I was dreaming of Cheese!

EMGN Weird Funny Animal Faces Wind 7


8. I am Never. Drinking. Again.


9. Yawning like a boss!

10. Zzzzz…


11. Those apposed to waking up? Neighhhh!


12. “…Happy kitty, sleepy kitty…purr purr purr!”

13.  Time to fake it till I wake it


14. Scratch my head a bit more…I need to go back to Doggy Dreamland!