15 People Shamefully Snapped Snapchatting

Now that Snapchat has taken over our lives, there is a new fun game in which to embarrass people who are taking the sly Snapchat. The game is that you catch them taking a Snapchat and then make it your story for the next 24 hours. They get all the embarrassment whilst you gloat in the glory of a successful Snapchat story…it’s a win-win.


1. A quick snap before she robs a bank. Wise, very wise.


2. Is he pretending to be be a world traveler?


3. The first daughters have so much swag it’s incredible.

4. The only reason you should exercise is so that you can Snapchat about it.


5. This is what best friendship is all about.


6. “I’m very bendy”.

7. No time to talk at the water cooler.


8. Oh no we don’t want to watch the game, but we want everyone else to think we are.


9. Snapchating at work is bananas, b.a.n.a.n.a.s.

10. Is she Snapchatting or is she trying to figure out what is itching her?


11. Kids these days are more clever than we think.


12. We are hoping this is a Snapchat.

13. The power of this Snapchat story could crack a phone.


14. “Let’s pretend we are having dinner.”


15. The original Snapchat face is strong with this one.

16. It’s a shame when they get it so young.


17. You just do you…who cares what boys think.


18. If Forrest Gump had Snapchat.


19. Why can’t we all take our own ID pictures, they would be fierce as hell.


20. Is he doing this in the middle of a lesson in class?