15 Parents That Are The Epitome Of Awesome

Raising children can be tough. So why not have a little bit of fun now and then? Why not create an awesome adventure land for your little one? Why not play dress-up? Why not embarrass the hell out of your child? Sometimes, parents need to have fun, too.


1. May the force be with them.


2. Super dad to the rescue!


3. She remained pretty unimpressed while thinking of her Playstation.

4. Playing pranks on your kid 2.0.


5. They’ve clearly won parents of the year.


6. Obviously, these two would go together.

7. Too cold for an outdoor swimming pool? No problem!


8. From now on, expectations will be very high.


9. Let’s hope their kid never gets to see this photo.

10. True appreciation.


11. That’s one way of solving an argument.


12. No paternity test needed.

13. “We’ll only take a little bit off the top, sweetheart.”


14. She wasn’t prepared for such an overreaction.


15. Sunday… funday!