15 Of The Easiest DIY Halloween Costumes – #7 Rocks!

Halloween is fast approaching and if you don’t have your A into G you could look like an unintended fool. Take a look at these DIY ideas that are cheap, simple and real time savers.


1. Purple or green grapes.

The inability to sit down will be a small sacrifice when you turn faces in this amazing grape costume.


2. Emojis. (The little boy is super flirty)

Emojis are getting a tad annoying in text form but it helps when little people dress up as them.


3. 50 Shades of Grey.

Just go to your local paint shop and ask for 50 shades of grey. Done.

4. Bob Ross.

A wig and a piece of cardboard with paint on it. Booya.


5. Saturday night at the movies.

Just like a baby, popcorn is salty and delicious. So why not combine the two. Take a look at how you can cook up this popcorn treat this Halloween.


6. Little Bo Peep’s sheep.

Little Bo Beep’s sheep have never easier to heard.

7. For the laziest person in the world with a white shirt.

There is not a huge amount of instructions for this one. Grab a white shirt and a permanent marker. That’s it.


8. Derek Zoolander.

Blue lipstick, blue eyeliner, a headband and a barrel of hair gel will create this look in mere minutes.


9. Madusa.

Saving your childhood rubber snakes will always come in handy for adult life. Just grab a few bobby pins and snakes and apply as many as you like. Just don’t wear it on a plane.

10. Rosie the Riveter.

Roll up your selves to get this DIY Halloween job done.  Just grab a plaid shirt, bandanna and red lip stick.


11. Creatures under the sea.

This adorable jellyfish costume is so simple to make and at the same time its a stand out in a crowd.


12. The walking dead.

If you have an old white bed sheet around the house, cut it into strips and within minutes all the kids in the neighborhood will be screaming “Mummy”.

13. Lost and found.

Create this amazing Google Maps idea with some yellow duct tape, red cardboard and printed street names.


14. Is it water on the knee?

This operation outfit will have fellow party goers chasing you with tweezers all night.


15. It doubles as a unicorn or Katy Perry.

Purple wig, rolled cardboard and with a splash of glitter you have a unicorn…or Katy Perry for some reason.