15 Of The Best Subtitles Fails On TV

Transcribing and subtitling aren’t the most fun of activities out there. They consume masses of time. Perhaps, however, these brilliant subtitles were born out of boredom, because these guys got it just right. From the absurd to the outright outlandish, these are sure to make your day better.


 1. “Nice to meat you.”


2. You know the damn type.


3. The blurred lines between food and food poisoning.

4. Going emo.


5. You can tell Christopher Meloni loves him that funky mystery Dad-jazz.


6. Very strong accent.

7. Got that tight flow.


8. Lyricists are getting lazier.


9. Troll lolling.

10. Lazy lasers.


11. Lampooning himself on himself.


12. Cross-cultural understand at its very finest.

13. Meowthef-cker.


14. White lies.


15. Put a Spock in it man.