15 Nightmare Nail Polish Fails Everyone Can Relate To

Girls all over the world (and probably Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp) can understand the tragedy of nail disasters. Nails are so damn hard to keep perfect. In reality they only last for a day and then it is all down hill from there. Chipped, broken, stained, the list goes on. The struggle is real and you will have one of these 15 nightmares if you are a nail painter.


1. Fingers vs toes.


2. “But…but…but it’s cold and I need to be one with the blankets.”


3. “So that’s why I can’t come into work today, good day Sir….I said good day!”

4. Is her name Jane Brady?


5. 50 shades of grey, blue, green, red, purple.


6. None of them.

7. “I need to be by myself for a while.”


8. Urgh you ignorant people.


9. The extra lengths people go to to keep the nail art on.

10. Always eat something and go to the bathroom before you go on a nail painting adventure.


11. What are you, a cave person?


12. It’s time to take inventory.

13. “Ohh I don’t have this shade of black.”


14. The worst thing that could possibly happen in the nail world.


15. God forbid.