15 Must-Know Tips for When You’re Suiting Up

1. Subtle, visible pick-stitching around the lapel is a nice touch, and doesn’t take away from the rest of the suit like contrast stitching would.


2. Remember to think about the purpose of your suit. How often you’re wearing the suit will change the kind of fabric you’ll want. You’ll want something more durable for daily wear, for instance.


3. If you’re wearing a bold tie, wear a subtle shirt.

4. Try not to over-accessorize. There’s no need for a pocket-square, tie bar, AND a lapel pin in one outfit – keep it simple and go one at a time.


5. Never fasten the bottom button of a double-breasted jacket.


6. The right polka dot can be the perfect look.

7. Make sure your tie is wider than your tie bar.


8. Use a patterned over coat if you’re wearing a neutral suit.


9. A good tip for finding a proper fitting jacket is that you should be able to fit your fist between the buttoned up jacket and your chest.

10. Use a shirt with a smaller collar if you’re going tie-less.


11. Remember to remove the stitching on the vents!


12. Don’t choose a sports watch if you’ll be wearing one with a suit. Pick a proper, formal watch.

13. A dark pocket square is a great complement to a light-coloured suit.


14. NEVER sit down with your buttons fastened.


15. If you’re wearing a three-piece suit, make sure the waistcoat is fitted to taper around the waist.