15 Man Hacks That Will Change The Game Forever

Move over, cleaning, skin and hair hacks. “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat” applies to men as well. Here’s some awesome hacks that will change the game forever.


1. Get the perfectly rolled sleeve. Every time. Flip. High Roll. Flip. Cuffed and ready.


2. Don’t get tripped up with dangerous and annoying extension cords. Build this ideal caddy. Instructions here.


3. You can’t afford to lose these parts. Keep the organized. Get the job done. Paper – a good friend to have in this situation.

4. No one likes those little dust out pours that come from drilling. Just attach a post-it note. No mess.


5. This is brilliant. Avoid smashing your thumb or finger every again, while getting a far straight nail trajectory.


6. From now on, this will be your ally.

7. Even for screws that are trying to ruin your day, this perfect solution provides more friction.


8. For those times you need more leverage than the manual, thin screwdriver will provide, grasp with clippers and you will suddenly have increased torque for power.


9. Men might have done it forever, but do you think putting nails in your mouth while you hammer is really a good idea? Glue a magnet to the base of the hammer, and your nails will never be annoying again.

10. Avoid embarrassment from now on, and the awkward knocking of your mates in order to find the stud. Yeah, guess what? Use a magnet. Show them up.


11. Not one person in human history has enjoyed rooting around trying to find their lost place on a good tape roll. Infuriating. This every day item will take care of that.


12. Headlights are often overlooked when cleaning. However, you don’t need to pay for expensive products or a professional clean. You can do the job just as well at home with toothpaste and a rag.

13. You’ll never have to have your garbage bag rip again, or drag the whole bin along like it’s a dog with a bone in its mouth. Just like that, game changer.


14. Keep your screws assorted perfectly with ex peanut butter jars. Then drill or glue these to the bottom of your work bench. This saves usually wasted space, and makes screwing off a cinch.


15. Getting hit in the face with a garden implement is an absolute nightmare. We’ve put up with it for too long. Cut some pipe and make these great holsters. Happy times.