15 Majestic Photos Of Japan’s Cherry Blossom That Will Blow You Away

Spring in Japan is something all of us should experience at least once in our lives. Japan’s magical cherry blossoms are unsurpassable  – they’ll take your breath away.


1. Enjoy a stroll along the Sakura river.


2. The white wall.


3. Japan’s spring mornings…

4. … and evenings are equally mind-blowing.


5. Japan even holds annual cherry blossom festivals.


6. Pink on pink.

7. Early morning peace.


8. In spring, everything looks mystical in Japan.


9. Dogs love cherry blossom just as much.

10. Wellness for the soul.


11. It makes you want to take photos every single second of the day.


12. Cherry blossom tunnel.

13. Early in the woods.


14. Cherry blossom rain.


15. Chidorigafuchi park.