15 Kitchen Tips To Make Life Simple

You may be a genius in the kitchen or you may be the person who burns rice. No matter what your areas of expertise are, these handy little tips are sure to cut your prep and cooking time in half and inspire you to create the easiest and delicious of meals.


1. Cry, cry, cry…NO MORE.

They are the emotional devil of vegetables. They make you cry sweet tears of stingy sadness. Well don’t let those red onions rule your face any longer. Put your cutting board under the extractor fan and turn it on. The fumes will go into the extractor rather than your eyes.


2. Egg-actly the tip you need.

If you want to know how fresh your eggs are, place them in a glass of water. If they float then it’s time to throw them away. If they sink then you are good to go.


3. Anytime is cookie time.

If you are wanting a little more time with your cookies, then place them in a sealed container with a piece of bread. They will draw out the moisture from the bread and last longer.

4. Corn corn everywhere but too much silky hair.

Taking the silk hair of corn is one of the most annoying food prep jobs ever. Next time it’s your turn to remove them, place them in the microwave for four minutes and after it’s heated, cut the stalk end off and the silk hairs will be removed in one go.


5. Cutting the cake.


Cutting a cake can often be messy. Try cutting it with an unscented piece of floss. It will cut the perfect slices every time.


6. Buttery goodness.

Butter can be a a hard, stubborn, little yellow bastard. If you cannot wait for the butter to soften, try grating it with a cheese grater.

7. Fresh herbs.


Save time and money by turning your herbs into ice. Add whatever herbs you like to an ice tray with a dash of olive oil in it and it will freeze nicely.


8. Don’t squeeze the lettuce bag.

Any extra air in the bag of lettuce is actually very good for it. If you see it getting a little deflated, blow air into the bag. The CO2 will delay the lettuce going brown.


9. Frozen is too cold for ice cream.

Ice cream is totally ruined when it’s frozen. To avoid such tragedies, place the ice cream container in a plastic bag.

10. The perfect hard boiled egg.

Simple. Poke a thumbtack hole in the bottom of the egg. It will be perfect when shelled. Promise.


11. This sh*t is bananas.


Wrapping the end of you bunch of bananas in plastic wrap will make them last four-five days longer.


12. Chilled wine.

On a hot summer’s day there is nothing worse than warm wine. So, put grapes in the freezer and put them in your wine. Unlike ice cubes, they won’t melt and dilute that sweet sweet alcohol.

13. Berry good news.

To get rid of those annoying strawberry stems without cutting off half the strawberry, use a straw. Insert it in the top of the strawberry and it will easily hull out the stem without ruining the rest of the juicy berry.


14. Guacamole forever.

If you want to keep your guacamole for longer then spray the bowl with cooking spray. It prevents oxygen from getting to the dippy goodness.


15. Peeling the dreaded garlic.

Peeling the skin off garlic can be tedious and detrimental to your aroma for a whole day. Next time you need to peel a few cloves of garlic put them in a bowl and place another bowl over top. Shake until your hearts content and the skin will come off.