15 Jack-O’-Lanterns That Let Halloween Down

Halloween is nearly here, so bring on all of those wonderful traditions that we adore so much. Like unnecessarily sexual outfits, absolutely hideous outfits, and  jack-o’-lanterns. However, when you get to carving your pumpkin, behold these fugly pumpkins as a cautionary tale.


1. Instructions: put on iron clog, take running start, and boot with full force.


2. Batman relapsed.


3. “You always were so artistic, Clifton!” – Mom.

4. Surgical precision.


5. This poor pumpkin got that MJ disease.


6. Super Mario on hormone pills.

7. Snoreful.


8. Peace, love, and put the knives away because you weren’t made for this.


9. Give those knives to this guy.

10. That trick really treated you to the gift that keeps giving.


11. This is the popular one in the class, with it’s hairy, malformed features.


12. A dog with a penis in it’s mouth. Mm.

13. Correct.

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