15 Incredible ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Facts You Never Knew

Do you like Mad Max? Here are stacks of Fury Road fun facts.


1. That’s one heavy guitar sound…man.

Australian musician Sean Hape carried around a guitar that weighed 132 pounds and shot real gas powered flames operated by the guitar’s whammy bar.


2. Tom Hardy is in it for the long haul.

Early in 2015 Hardy signed on for another three Mad Max films. It isn’t clear if George Miller will be directing these however.


3. Fury Road was a breath of fresh air.

Miller hired his wife to edit the action movie stating that if it had been edited by a guy, it would have looked like every other action movie out there.

4. The story board was very important.

A 3,500 panel storyboard was designed before a screenplay was written. This is because the film was designed to focus more on visuals and less on dialogue.


5. The War Boys’ spray paint.

Before going into battle, the War Boys would spray their teeth with a strange chrome spray paint in order to enter the gates of Valhalla “shiny and chrome”.


6. Charlize Theron broke Tom Hardy’s nose.

Furiosa really earned the name on set by accidentally elbowing Tom Hardy, breaking her co-star’s nose. It’s believed this is because she had her arm in a green cast in order to digitally remove it later and the awkward angle caused the damage.

7. Helpful Amazon reviews.

The silver spray used by the War Boys in Fury Road is an edible cake decorating spray which received some interesting Amazon reviews after the movie came out.


8. The hand gesture used by the War Boys.

The gesture simulates a V8 car engine that the War Boys worship during the film.


9. Now you can get even more Fury Road.

A four story comic book series was published by Vertigo in 2015, which is a prequel to the movie.

10. Buzzard language.

The Buzzards speak Russian in the English version of Fury Road so the audience won’t understand them. In the Russian version they are apparently speaking German.


11. Stunt love.

The stunt double of Charlize Theron (Dayna Porter) and Tom Hardy (Dane Grant) met on the set of the film, fell in love and got married in 2013.


12. Elvis’ granddaughter is in the movie.

Riley Keough plays Capable in the movie and is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley.

13. The sewing man.

Nicholas Hoult learned how to knit from a makeup artist during a seven month shoot in Namibia.


14. Winning accolades from fellow directors.

After showing the film at the SXSW film festival, a gushing Robert Rodriguez asked George Miller “How the hell did you film that?!”.


15. Toecutter and Immortan Joe are the same guy.

Hugh Keays-Byrne played Toecutter in the original Mad Max 30 years ago and returned to the franchise to play Immortan Joe in Fury Road.