14 Images That Prove The Subway Is Another World

If you’re wanting to add a little bit of weird into your life, there’s no reason to pay for an expensive trip to Berlin or Amsterdam. Oh no friend, just go down to the subway where there is enough weird in one afternoon to get your fix for life.


1. Orange is the new black.


2. She needs to use those new butt muscles for something.


3. Pikachu – he’ll eat you.

4. A rolling stone gathers no moss but apparently the subway does.


5. That guy’s a pretty strong candidate for Voldemort.


6. Do what makes you feel good buddy.

7. Always keep your eyes on the ground.


8. There is a rise of dog-people riding the subway recently.


9. Your milkshake is currently scaring the crap out of other passengers.

10. Bigfoot gets sad sometimes too.


11. Who has the time to put clothes on anyway?


12. You act like you’ve never seen a man-ape before.

13. This woman took the plunge.


14. Calm down guys, it’s not like it’s an actual horse.