15 Halloween Costumes To Avoid This Year

Do you love Halloween parties? It’s a great chance to ask girls out who have absolutely no idea what you look like, but if you have a costume straight out of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut you’re probably not going to have the ladies swooning. Here are 15 guys that got their Halloween costumes so wrong they will probably need to leave town if they have any chance of talking to a lady ever again.


1. Pretty sure this was a character in True Detective season two.


2. People will hate you for your lack of creativity as much as the fact that you literally dressed like a deranged homeless man.


3. Trying to pick up ladies with the lines “I’m the best thing since sliced bread” or “don’t I look good enough to eat?” will label you as the party douche, also girls hate carbs so there’s that.

4. Dressing up as Lana Del Ray – the serial killer drag queen gorilla will make those girls at the party who love Lana hate you for ruining their icon.


5. There is a clear mobility issue here. You will literally be that weird guy in the corner and people will avoid you like the plague.


6. If you are attending a BDSM Halloween party then this is probably a great choice, otherwise everyone will probably just call you ‘whale gimp’ all night.

7. This one is just not practical.


8. Looking like a dude from a 70s pumpkin fetish porn movie might make your buddies laugh but will show the ladies your lack of gyming.


9. Pretty sure this sparked the whole idea for season one of True Detective.

10. This is the guy that goes around your party using “I only have seven minutes to mate before I die!” as a pickup line.


11. You will probably get a few laughs before your body rips in half. It’s unlikely girls would gravitate towards Tarantino levels of blood loss.


12. Either this guy comes from Australia, or he has severe mommy issues. Either way probably a good idea to stay clear.

13. Pretty sure he’s packing a cucumber under that loin lettuce.


14. This is going to make conversation with people pretty hard, so good luck with that. Also you won’t get any extra points for looking like a fetus jar.


15. Reminding everyone at the party how disgusting they are will make them hate you and your awful ‘toilet humor’ throughout the night.