15 Fabulous Hair Accessories That Prove Fashion Peaked In The 90s

1. A crimper

Back in the day everyone crimped. Tyra, Britney, Beyonce, you name it. If they were fashion fabulous, they crimped.

2. Scrunchies

So. Many. Colors. You could be rocking rainbow during the day then switch to red satin for those fancy nights. Scrunchies should have never gone out of fashion.

3. Hair Jewels

We wear jewels everywhere else, why not our hair? These were just pain sensible.

4. Beaded Hair Ties

These were perfect for every girl who was tired of being able to tie her hair up easily and without pain. Which was literally everyone.

5. Hair Wraps

Because you needed something to show off that fact that you’d just been on a family holiday to the Caribbean, or Florida, or anywhere where there was a mall.

6. Butterfly Clips

Hello, fabulous! Remember the days when every school day was just one big competition to see who could fit the most glittery butterfly clips in her hair at once? Ahhh, memories…

7. Bandanas

Because nothing said super cool like flaunting a gang affiliation that was based on what color matched your favorite boob tube/army pants combo.


8. Wide Stretchy Headbands

The wide stretchy headband was essential for rocking the goodie-good-but-still-super-pretty-and-popular look. Everyone wanted to rock that look.

9. Snap Clips

You can do anything with snap clips. Anything. Like snap them onto the ends of your fingers and pretend you had huge fake nails. Accessories these days are no fun.

10. Chopsticks

Yes kids, we didn’t just eat with these in the 90s, we put them in our hair too! This may have been a little culturally insensitive, but hey, it was a different time.

11. Hairagami

The girls on the commercials did such amazing things with Hairagami, but when we got them home, we were hopelessly lost. They were such a disappointment, it still hurts today.

12. The Comb Hairband

These were not a disappointment. With a comb hairband your hair looked instantly awesome and the way it scratched your scalp felt like one-eighth of an orgasm, according to that one overly-experienced girl in your class.

13. The Hair Claw

Another way to make your hair look instantly awesome (the 90s were so easy). Unfortunately, the slightest disturbance would make all your hair fall out of the clip. Forget dancing, walking, or even breathing if you wanted to maintain your look.

14. The Springy Butterfly Clip

Normal butterfly clips were cool, but springy butterfly clips were everything. In the 90s if your hair didn’t look like a luscious spring garden, you pretty much didn’t exist.

15. Bra Strap Headbands

Bra strap headbands totally made you feel like you entering womanhood, even if you hadn’t blossomed enough to wear a real bra yet. What a magical way to express our femininity. 90s, take me back!