15 Geniuses Who Simply Own Life

Some people just seem to be geniuses at life – whatever they do, they just own it. Here are a few of their tricks that you should know about.


1. Forks for everyone, quickly!


2. You kind of always knew that Lego blocks weren’t only for kids.


3. Bottlenecks can be pretty useful.

4. Next level grilled cheese.


5. No more bruised knees from being on your phone for too long.


6. “I don’t usually do cards, but for my closest friends I make an effort.”

7. Living life to the fullest.


8. Mom, you’re the best.


9. Safest method ever.

10. For the lazy cereal lover.


11. A hangover doesn’t necessarily mean that your day has to suck.


12. What a time to be alive.

13. The moment you saw this, you knew you were going to have a great day.


14. Desperate measures for desperate times.


15. This guy has been through a lot.

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