15 Filthy Jokes In Cartoons That Will Deeply Disturb You

Ahh, blissful ignorance. You know, that thing we all had as children. Now – not so much. That’s right, kids’ cartoons! You and your inappropriate, dirty jokes are totally busted. Now as adults let’s all enjoy how filthy they really are.


1. Out of context, this Arthur situation is really, really bad.


2. Realizing this whole time, April didn’t hang out with the turtles because they like to eat “pizza”.


3. Where Daffy Duck gets his little pleasures.

4. It’s just the tip, nothing to worry about.


5. Dot from Animaniacs was twerking long before Miley Cyrus was.


6. What are you doing Jerry? What – oh, NO!

Jerry, stop!


7. Well played, Rocko.


8. The Magic School Bus just took the magic right out of this scene.

9. The other guy heard…


10. Wait – those aren’t balloons Spongebob. Those are not balloons!


11. We totally know what’s going on here.

12. Oh, you know why, Mickey.


13. James is looking for love in all the wrong places.


14. Let’s just say…that’s not pee.

15. What does that have to do with anyth…oooh, “meat”.