15 Fantastic BTS Facts About ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’

It’s been eight years since Forgetting Sarah Marshall came into our lives and what a gift it was. It is strongly cemented itself as one of the best comedies in the past 20 years. Judd Apatow introduced America to Russell Brand, Jason Segel’s junk and how incredibly hot Kirsten Bell and Mila Kunis are. These fun behind-the-scenes facts will have you falling even more in love with Apatow’s classic. Before he lost his way with Funny People and This Is 40.


1. Yep, that’s Jason Segel’s real junk.

Whilst munching on popcorn and milk duds, the last thing you would have expected was Jason Segel’s long dong to hit you in the face. However, there it was in its glory for Kristen Bell and the world to see.


2. His mom cried in the breakup scene.

Jason Segel’s mom cried during the breakup scene with Sarah, but it wasn’t because her heart was broken for him. She cried because he had not told her about the naked scene. She got a hell of a surprise in the movie theater with her friends.


3. Were they Mila Kunis’ real knockers?

Judd Apatow has revealed that those are not Mila Kunis’ real breasts in the bathroom photo. It was just some pretty great Photoshopping.

4. Jason Segel wrote the Dracula musical years before the movie.

Segel actually had the idea of the Dracula musical years before he wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The first person he played it for was Judd Apatow and Apatow said “You can’t play this for anyone, ever.”


5. Jason jokingly suggested they put the musical in the movie.

As a joke, Segel suggested they put the idea of the Dracula musical in the movie and Apatow thought it was a great idea.


6. Russell Brand auditioned without reading the script.

Russell Brand walked in the audition and asked the Jason Segel what the movie was about because he only briefly looked at the script.

7. Segel changed the character of Aldous Snow to suit Brand’s personality.

After Russell Brand auditioned, Segel completely rewrote the character of Aldous Snow. Originally Aldous was meant to be posh and pompous.


8. Kristen Bell was actually in a movie about killer cellphones.

Segel had already written the joke in the script about Sarah Marshall starring in a lame movie about killer cellphones before he knew that Kristen Bell had actually starred in a film about dum dum dum…KILLER CELLPHONES.


9. Veronica Mars got cancelled the day before Kristen Bell shot a scene where her character’s TV show get’s cancelled.

Well that was some method acting. The day before Kristen shot a scene when Sarah Marshall’s show gets cancelled, Bell’s agent rang her to say that Veronica Mars had been cancelled.

10. Segel wrote Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime for the movie after guest appearing in CSI.

When Jason starred in a episode of CSI, he thought the dialogue was so over-the-top serious that was actually comical. That’s when he got the idea for Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime for the film.


11. Mila Kunis missed out on Knocked Up.

Even though Mila Kunis auditioned and missed out on a role in Knocked Up, Judd Apatow liked her so much that he made sure she had a role in his next movie.


12. “Inside of You” was Jason’s attempt at the worst song ever.

When writing the song “Inside of You” Segel had it in mind that it should be the worst possible song that his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend could sing in front of him. Next minute, “Inside of You” was born.

13. Posters for the movie upset some people.

To add a little mystery to the movie,  billboards advertising it just  had mean comments about a girl named Sarah Marshall. Several ladies with the same name wrote complaints about it, including a very upset 70-year-old woman.


14. Real-life breakups helped Segel write the Sarah Marshall breakup scene.

Jason Segel has said that several breakups, including the one with Freaks and Geeks co-star Linda Cardellini, inspired the breakup scene with Sarah Marshall in the movie. Although he has admitted that Cardellini never broke up with him whilst he was naked.


15. The puppets used in the Dracula musical were made by Jim Henson’s creature shop.

If you thought the puppets in the Dracula musical looked a little familiar, it was because they were made by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. A weird coincidence would be that Jason Segel would later go on to star in The Muppets movie.