15 Delicious Ways You Can Have Eggs For Dinner

Even though most of us love eggs, our egg-cooking skills seam somewhat limited. Mainly, we’ll have them either boiled or scrambled, which can get boring from time to time. Here are  a few recipes to spice it up.


1. Eggs Korma: Yummy eggs in spicy curry.


2. Baked Feta with eggs, eggs and eggs (plus olives and tomato).


3. No more boring sandwiches: Try this fried egg and mushroom sandwich.

4. A spicy North African dish: Shakshuka.


5. Yum: Bacon, leek and egg risotto.


6. Perfect for a light snack: Spinach and egg drop soup.

7. The wholesome experience: Baked eggs in avocado.


8. Poached eggs and asparagus over grits.


9.Match made in heaven: Egg pizza.

10. Eggs Benedict burger.


11. The newest dinner sensation: Italian baked eggs.


12. Delicious asparagus and egg salad.

13. Pan seared steak and seasoned poached eggs.


14. It never gets old: Spaghetti squash, spinach and fried egg.


15. Perfection: Baked potato with egg.