15 Criminals Who All Did Their Best To Get Caught

1. It must have seemed like a good idea at some point (?).


2. Keep your identity safe, people!


3. As musically clever as this is, not a good idea!

4. “Your back broach looks a little uncomfortable, ma’am.”


5. Never be in a rush to pilfer your local liquor store…


6. How to take your own mug shot 101!

7. It’s a good idea to first scope out the security measures before making your escape…


8. Durp…


9. These guys deserve to be caught!

10. “Marco”, “Polo… damn! Got me again!”.


11. Justice, served cold.


12. Ouch!

13. Telling a joke is better than an expensive burglar alarm.


14. Why??


15. Honesty is always the best policy.