15 Combinations Of Weird Humans In Weirder Circumstances

There are things that can be explained and there are things that cannot be explained. These 15 photos are going to be a challenge to make sense of.


1. So many animals in the bedroom.


2. This is becoming more accepted in society but it’s still wacky.


3. Mr T totally shrunk.

4. Do what you want, but don’t bugs get up your nose?


5. “I’m very bendy.”


6. It looks like he is melting.

7. This better be a Comic-Con thing.


8. The dog looks uncomfortable as hell.


9. There is no rhyme or reason.

10. Yep, that’s a Rubber Duckie in the stomach.


11. We will try very hard not to fight it.


12. The guy on the left has a creepy smile.

13. That’s what friends are for.


14. Come on Jackie, we are all cruising for it.


15. Get it where and when you can.