15 Brilliant Solutions For When Life Gives You Lemons

These 15 people have found very clever ways to get through life when situations don’t go their way.


1. He didn’t need to buy that expensive mixer and his Mrs was happy. Win Win.


2. A BBQ set for a bird…but what were they cooking?


3. Don’t waste time standing in line for lame cooler chat.

4. Increased its value ten-fold.


5. For a minute there they thought they were screwed after the power shut off.


6. This is wheely dangerous.

7. Legit the best solution to hazardous sticky baking fingers.


8. When do you ever need an emergency whiteboard pen?




9. The fine you’ll get is probably more than a bike would cost you, but worth a shot!

10. Not only is he saving money, he is saving sore arches from high heels.


11. The house is burning down.


12. Look, an actual use for these pointy devils that you always step on.

13. Did they get that off a plane?