15 Break-Worthy Bumper Stickers

STOP. Not because it is a red light, but because these are the 15 greatest bumper stickers you will ever see.


1. Oh sad T-Rex.


2. There are many, many reasons to avoid this guy.


3. It’s an impressive tally you must admit.

4. Now that’s a proud parent (Stupid “My kid goes to Harvard” stickers).


5. This would put people off because the little girl looks annoying as hell. Really unkempt hair.


6. Did he die?

7. Haha…wait…what?


8. Haha…wait…oh man they sassed us again.


9. No one escapes the walking dead, even stick figures.

10. Well we think you are wrong but OK, your bumper sticker is correct.


11. OK, well now we KNOW you are hiding the good stuff in there.


12. What a delightful way to joke about car accidents.

13. They have a very good point. No back seats for anybody.


14. Less annoying.


15. Well, this is awkward.

16. When memes take over your life.