15 Of The Best Star Wars Mashup Tattoos

These people have truly conquered the art of mashup tattoos. What’s more, they all have one thing in common: they just love Star Wars.


1. Grumpy Vader is grumpy.


2. Up to mischief: Calvin Skywalker and Hobbes Vader.


3. Proud Pikachu is R2-D2.

4. LEGO as Boba Fett.


5. Stormtrooper and Disney princess mashup.


6. Leia, the fairest of them all.

7. Hello R2-D2!


8. Best version yet: Princess Ralph.


9. Mordecai Vader and Rigby Skywalker.

10. Chew-Tang-Clan.


11. Chew-Tang-Clan 2.0.


12. Leia Rabbit.

13. Darth Vader has finally found his long lost son.


14. Good kitty vs Bad kitty.


15. Vader, the minion.