15 Of The Best Responses To Kanye’s Twitter Tirade

The world is reacting to Kanye West’s tweets and it is probably the best thing you will see all week, aside from the new The Walking Dead episode. Kanye is getting a lot of hate from his nonsensical ramblings about being 53 million dollars in debt and his SNL meltdown. Take a look at the best comebacks from the people of the internet because their love is not lock-downed for old Kanye at the moment.


1. He wants to buy weed.


2. One of these couples is not like the other.


3. Practice what you preach Yeezy.

4. Real life Kanye.


5. Keep your friends close…


6. In case you didn’t know what EAD meant, it means Eat A D*ck.


7. Haha just do it Nike, just do it.


8. Stop trying to make Tidal happen, it’s not going to happen.


9. Tidal…we told you once now, don’t make us come back there.


10. “Not smiling makes me smile” – Kanye West.


11. Well, there is one meme that is right.


12. Trevor has no chill and it’s amazing.

13. Is that a subtle weed reference in the top right corner of the check?


14. Pizza Hut UK serving up some sass since 2016.


15. Ain’t nobody got money for that.

16. Amber Rose has given the world gold with that “finger” comment.