15 Amazing Moments From The Year Been!

These photos display some of the best moments from this year caught on camera.


1. A Rwandan cycling team sights snow for the first time.


2. After flooding in the UK, a bevy of swans has a field day in the streets.


3. A view of a cat from below.

4. The happiest dog on the planet.


5. This lady hasn’t let technology rob her of a good time as Johnny Depp arrives for a movie premiere.


6. This cheetah and her cubs in Africa.

7. This amazing cloud formation over Copenhagen, Denmark.


8. An aerial view of sheep being herded through a gate.


9. Some like it hot.

10. Marilyn shelters pedestrians from the rain in Chicago, USA.


11. This walrus loves a good surprise as it’s presented with a birthday cake made from fish in Norway.


12. No animal can resist.

13. Don’t mean to alarm you dude, but you’ve totally got a spider on your head.


14. Is this the great dog-pression? No, it’s police dogs queuing for lunch in China.


15. It takes a lot to impress judges at the European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.

16. This guy wanted two sons but had to wait a while.


17. It’s feeding time in Ecuador.


18. This brilliant shot was captured moments before the wedding photographer’s body hit the floor.

19. This waterspout that formed off the coast of Genoa, Italy.


20. This bird acting like it’s never seen a camera in its life.


21. This cute as hell baby hedgehog with its super chilled out mom.