15 Action Heroes Who Suffered For Their Roles

They risk it all to entertain us. Sometimes actors pull it off, other times they can seriously injure themselves for playing the hero or the villain. Some of these stars were a little to method with their acting. Fortunately they came out of it okay and they gave a hell of a show on-screen.


1. Robert Downey Jr. – Sherlock Holmes.

Robert Downey Jr. was knocked out in fight seen whilst filming Sherlock Holmes. He woke to a blood filled mouth and had to get six stitches. Ouchy.


2. Martin Sheen – Apocalypse Now.

In the opening scene of Apocalypse Now, Martin Sheen’s character had to have a mental breakdown in his room. Sheen was so into his character that he punched a mirror and severely cut his hand. The camera kept rolling as he bled and Francis Ford Coppola used it in the final cut of the film.

3. Gerard Butler – Chasing Mavericks.

It’s a shame no one watched Chasing Mavericks because Gerard Butler sure suffered for his role in. He was hit by a wave whilst surfing and said of accidents on set: “This was I think by far the most dangerous in my life. I think that was the closest I’ve come [to death]”.


4. Brad Pitt – Troy.

Brad Pitt hurt his achilles tendon whilst playing Achilles in Troy. It’s not a laughing matter but…tehehe. It took so long to recover from it that it delayed production of Ocean’s Twelve.


5. Halle Berry – Catwoman.

Clearly her cat-like reactions were not on point that day. Halle Berry got wiped out by a lighting prop on set. It kind of serves her right for attempting to play a role only designed for Michelle Pfeiffer. Ooo is that too far?


6. Russell Crowe – The Cinderella Man.

Russell Crowe trained so hard to play real life boxer Jim Braddock that he dislocated his shoulder. He needed surgery, delaying production by a month.


7. Sylvester Stallone – The Expendables.

In a fight scene with Steve Austin, Stallone suffered a hair-line fracture in his neck when filming The Expendables. It makes sense that his body is falling apart because he’s too old to be doing that type of sh*t.

8. Leo Dicaprio – Django Unchained.

*Slow clap* Leo DiCaprio brilliantly played Calvin Candy in the film Django Unchained. In a scene where his character slams a glass on the table, the glass accidentally shattered, cutting DiCaprio’s hand. He continued with the scene and used the blood as a prop. He smeared it over Boomhilda’s (Kerry Washington) face and her shock was palpable. Something was still missing though…A DAMN OSCAR FOR LEO.


9. Jackie Chan – Armour of God.

In what was a typical stunt for Jackie Chan, in Armour of God he had to jump from a castle wall to a tree. Unfortunately he missed the tree and met the ground with his head. He fractured his skull and a piece of bone punctured his brain. He started to bleed from his ears and was rushed to hospital for emergency brain surgery.

10. Orlando Bloom – The Lord of the Rings.

Orlando Bloom fell off his mighty horse in The Lord of the Rings and broke a rib. Meh, it’s not like he kicked a helmet and broke his toe on-screen. Viggo has one up on you there Mr Bloom.


11. Christoph Walz – Django Unchained.

Poor Christoph Waltz. He dislocated his pelvis when riding his horse in Django Unchained. It was quickly realigned and he presumed work shortly after.

12. Daniel Craig – Quantum of Solace.

It seems Mr. James Bond is not immune to injury. Daniel Craig lost the tip of his finger whilst filming Quantum of Solace, however doctors managed to reattach it. He also got kicked in the face so hard that he needed eight stitches. Nice work Mr. Craig.


13. Kellan Lutz – Deathgames.

Kellan Lutz bares a large scar across his chest after he was accidentally struck by a machete in Deathgames. Uhmm ouch.


14. Joesph Gordon-Levitt – Premium Rush.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was involved in a crash on the set of Premium Rush. He needed 31 stitches because he put his head through the windscreen.


15. Ben Stiller (Really?) – Along Came Polly.

On the set of Along Came Polly, Ben Stiller got bitten by a ferret and he had to have a rabies shot. The least impressive of the bunch.