14 Touching Portraits Of Women Treasuring Their First Day Of Motherhood

Jenny Lewis begun her ‘One Day Young’ photography project because, as she puts it, “In the UK, birth is surrounded by fear, the unknown, stories of pain. Basically, positive birth stories are thin on the ground.” She’s had two great births herself, and wanted to capture the joy that motherhood brings, when it’s at its most raw. You can see more of her heartwarming photography at her website.


1. Xanthe and Louie


2. Kim and Perseus & Rebecca and Osiris


3. Shenelle and Arissa

4. Theresa and Tommy


5. Hazel and Rudy


6. Idoya and Nahia

7. Clemmie and Imogen


8. Frida and Ethan


9. Marley and Etta

10. Meredith and Lina


11. Liana and Archer


12. Suphrawadee and Evelyn


13. Anna and Sky