14 Times Bathroom Poets Outdid Themselves

If your bathroom sessions tend to take a little longer now and then, you’d probably appreciate a bit of entertainment. What could be more entertaining and inspiring than some good old bathroom art?


1. “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites.”


2. Smart casual.


3. He could have put two and two together.

4. The cubicle revolution is taking another turn.


5. Clever, veeeery clever.


6. 99% of customers would recommend this bathroom to their best friend.

7. Need it, want it, get it.


8. He’s got a point there.


9. OMG, someone call an ambulance!

10. Never be bored again.


11. Just do your job, Patrick.


12. Angels poop, too.

13. Wait… what? Hello?!


14. It even has one like!