14 Signs That Will Satisfy Your Urge To Get Down And Dirty

These 14 signs are so unintentionally dirty that they became unintentionally hilarious.


1. You have my attention.


2. Sales have gone slower than expected.


3. Someone has to do it.

4. It’s even better when you realize the sentence starts with a ‘ball’.


5. The Fetish Carpet company.


6. In collaboration with National Prostate Exam Day.

7. Not a deal breaker, but still good to know.


8. Words to live your life by.

9. Thus sayeth the Lord.


10. That’s a Valentines Day gift that’s going to make your partner very excited indeed.


11. Sex sells.


12. She got skills.

13. So that’s why the teenage boys are flocking to the edge!


14. Elmo loses his innocence.