14 Reasons Why Dogs Can Be The Absolute Worst

1. They can be real bullies.


2. Sometimes, they actually do eat your homework, just because they know no one will believe you.


3. They get annoyed when you pee in their bath.

4. They get bored. And it’s messy.


5. They don’t come potty trained, and they don’t care.


6. When they’re feeling moody, they take it out on the cat.

7. They know how to pee where it hurts.


8. When they’re really moody, they’ll sit on your child.


9. They’ll lock the cat inside, and laugh about it.

10. If they’re feeling really really moody, they’ll sit on your face. In a bad way.


11. They always look innocent, but they never are.


12. Sometimes they get cats confused with trees.


13. And you confused with the ground.


14. And when the cat gets in their basket, they just use it anyway.