14 Questions That Prove Sometimes There Are No Answers

Save yourself the tuition costs of getting a college education in philosophy, where you will basically learn that everything is arbitrary. Instead, discover here that there are questions no one has the answer to.

1. Why go?


2. A delicious bowel of salad.


3. For other questions about today’s news go to hell.

4. Take yourself for a long walk on the beach, Ken Jennings.


5. They are probably quite impartial.


6. In an Escalade.

7. Glass half-full or…?


8. So high in the clouds.


9. When you feed Johnny Appleseed to an apple tree…

10. Clifford is full of it.


11. You know why, liar.


12.¬†Google, asking questions we didn’t even know we wanted to ask.

13. What is this Europe you speak of?


14. That’s a seriously hood cat.