14 People Who Really Didn’t Think Things Through

Think before you speak is a great tip, but what about think before you do? Seriously, some people need to think things through a little bit better before acting.


1. Awww, grandma.


2. This is the greatest face ever though.


3. This is the opposite of a bargain.

4. Haha. It says poo.


5. HOW?! WHY?!


6. We want whatever he’s on.

7. You had one job, TV installer man.




9. You only have one live. You have to live it to the vullest.

10. This is so disappointing.


11. Yes this is dog.


12. Time to go back to the 5th gread and learn who to speall.

13. This makes ZERO sense.


14. This is just terrifying.