14 People Who Can’t Wait To Get Old

As Bruce Springsteen says, some people were “born to run”, but there are others that were old as soon as they came out of the womb and you can rest assured that they have spent their whole life preparing for the day that they will no longer suffer the agony of using their limbs.


1. “I have a prescription for lawn driving”.


2. “Can’t you see I’m resting?! If you have a problem ask Mr. Google”.


3. “The nanny is here boy, you are going to be doing a lot of fetch today”.

4. “I don’t eat ice cream anymore because it takes too much energy to turn the cone”.


5. “I’m saving for retirement”.


6. “Take notes. It takes practice to be this lazy”.

7. “Finally a product for the person who wants to be a corpse”.


8. “I’m just practicing for the day when my legs don’t work”.


9. “Finally a product for people who don’t own a toaster, or a set of arms”.

10. “Everybody stay calm, I have a pancake machine!”.


11. “I would make a great paraplegic”.


12. “If I injure myself now, I won’t ever have to walk again”.

13 “I would be great as a torso”.


14. “I am the master of the universe”.