14 Of The Most Insane Drinks From Around The World

These are the kind of drinks you would go for when on holiday in some small South American village with a group of buds. After a night of heavy drinking one of them dares you to drink the Scorpion Vodka and because you’ve already had a few, you scoff and say “I thought you were gonna give me a real challenge”. Maybe though, it’s a good idea to check if that drink can kill you first.


1. Mekong River Eel Wine.

The creators take this little guy, ferment it for a year and serve it up as a wine for your drinking pleasure. Mmmmm tasty!


2. Cobra Wine.

This is the kind of thing that’s good to stay away from. Cobra Wine is banned in the United States, and if it’s banned in America, you know it’s not going to be good for your insides.


3. Bacon Vodka.

Someone decided to take bacon a little too far. This is Bacon Vodka. Asked for by almost nobody, this product was, of course, made in America.

4. Horse Manhood.

The hilariously named Horse Manhood is not as bad as it sounds. It is so named because it is hated by the locals. It apparently contains equal parts milk and beer. Presumably, it’s probably only being served because drunk tourists keep asking for it.


5. Baby Mice Rice Wine.

This drink is so disturbing they had to make the name rhyme so that it wasn’t so horrifying to the ear. This abomination is from Korea and China. It is probably used for some kind of satanic ritual.


6.  Bacon Maple Ale.

And Jesus wept. Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale (say that five times fast), so named to give you an alternative breakfast to your local IHOP, probably. This drink proves again that sometimes bacon can be a bad idea.

7. Pizza Beer.

And the hits just keep on coming. Whoever thought Pizza Beer was a good idea was probably the same person behind Coke Life.

8. Scorpion Vodka.

For those vodka lovers that always felt there wasn’t enough Scorpions in their drink. Scorpion Vodka was probably the creation of some Tequila hater who laid down the gauntlet “I’ll take your worm and raise you a SCORPION!”


9. Seagull Wine.

Seagull Wine is exactly what it sounds like – fermented seagulls in wine. This begs the question though, who are these people that keep putting dead animals in alcohol?

10. Lizard wine.

Honestly, at this point it’s starting to look like someone’s just testing the limits of human taste. Wine is from grapes, what possible improvement would a lizard give the taste?


11. Kumis.

Kumis is fermented milk from a mare. Imagine combining breast milk and alcohol and hey presto, you’ve got yourself some delicious Kumis.


12. Mescal.

Mescal takes your traditional idea of a tequila worm, slaps it in the face, says “you’re boring” and replaces it with moth larva.

13. Chicha.

You thought it couldn’t get any worse, you were wrong, you were oh so wrong. This delightful little treat is a combination of fermented corn and….human freaking saliva!