14 Moments So Mortifying You May Poke Your Eyes Out

Sometimes life likes to throw us all serious curve balls. It is often how we react to these curve balls that helps define who we are as people. However, there are times when life throws you moments like these, moments so weird they genuinely warrant being referred to as WTF moments. When you see them you will honestly question just what the frilly hell is going on here?!


1. For all the arachnophobes out there.


2. Flavored for your pleasure.


3. Oh dear God in heaven.

4. You feel the body would need to be included.

Let’s face it, a necrophiliac is the only person interested in this purchase.


5. The inspiration for Pig-Pen from Peanuts because no one is cleaning themselves in that.


6. The only reassuring thing was the overwhelming smell of ganja from in front.

7. The couple that exercises together? Is that even a thing?


8. That would be every sane human’s reaction as well buddy.


9. “He’s a live bear he will literally rip your face off.”

10. “Come play with me!”


11. Sweet mother of all that is holy, that can’t be right.


12. No one’s honey is safe.

13. Either it really needs to pee, or it’s been stuffed like that.


14. His next stop was the restroom.