14 Kids Movie Moments That Made You Bawl

In reality, children’s movies can do a hell of a lot of harm. There are moments in kids’ films that are so utterly devastating that when you are an adult you have to run past the television to avoid seeing them. So, to help you relieve your childhood trauma, here are 14 of the saddest moments in kids’ films that will require the tissues….so many of the tissues.


1. Dumbo – “Baby Mine”.

“Baby mine don’t you cry, baby mine dry your eyes….” Oh we just can’t. When Dumbo goes to visit his Ma whilst she is locked up in the insane asylum wooden cart cage, she gently swings Dumbo with her trunk whilst “Baby Mine” is played in the background.


2. My Iron Giant – Superman.

Oh sweet Jesus, the Iron Giant saved the planet from the meteor by Iron Giant suicide…which of course means blasting off into space and blowing up the big ass rock hurtling to earth. Ohh and when he says “Suuuuuperman”, it tore us in two. We will never recover.


3. Finding Nemo – I promise.

After Marlin and his wife Carol (Elizabeth Perkins, bet you didn’t know that), have a run in with a super scary fish, Carol dies along with hundreds of their babies. The only one that survives is Nemo, and Marlin promises to look after him.

4. Toy Story 2 – “When She Loved Me”.


Tom Hanks cried when he heard “When She Loved Me” for the first time, and probably every other time after that. When Jessie recalls the time she was loved by Emily, it is the  saddest montage in a cartoon since Up. Oh don’t worry, we will get to Up.


5. Up – Life montage.

The montage of Ellie and Carl’s life together – nope nope nopeidy nope. God that was sad and it was only the first ten minutes.


6. The Lion King – Mufasa be dead.

Everyone is scarred by this moment in the The Lion King. Dammit Scar. However, another moment that everyone forgets about is when Rafiki wipes away the painting of Simba after Simba runs away.  The monkey is sad too guys, lets think about the monkey.


7. The Land Before Time – Do you remember the way to the great valley?

That f*cken Sharptooth….we are sorry for swearing but F*CK. When Littlefoot’s mother dies, she asks if he knows the way to the great valley. In that moment you know she is so totally dying. No she can’t get up, Littlefoot, she is dead alright.


8. The NeverEnding Story –  Artax gets eaten by the swamp.

“Don’t let the sadness of the swamps get you to, ARTAX YOU STUPID HORSE”. Yeah well that moment was thoroughly upsetting.

9. My Girl – Someone find his goddamn glasses please.

Thomas J goes to find Vada’s mood ring that she lost in the woods and instead of coming back victoriously, he gets attacked by the bees. Then Vada has to say goodbye to him at the funeral and he looks weird without his glasses and then she cries and asks “where dafuq the glasses at?” Well, we paraphrased that but you know what goes down.



10. Monsters Inc – Kitty?

After forming a friendship with a big scary monster, Boo has to go back to sleep and say goodbye to Sully (Kitty). It is oh-so-sad and WHERE THE HELL WAS BOO IN MONSTERS UNIVERSITY?

11. Babe – Ohhhh the pig does a good job, how nice.

Farmer Hoggart says that Babe has done a good job simply by saying “That’ll do pig”. After this movie, the new way to say well done to people was “That’ll do pig”. To this day people say it. TO THIS DAY.



12. Toy Story 3 – Holding hands into the fire.

Near the end of Toy Story 3, all the main toys end up a fiery pit about to get incinerated. As they realize their fate they stop fighting to survive and hold hands. It is ridiculously emotional and transcends the notion that we are watching animation.

Then this happened and it made everyone resort to fetal position.


13. A Little Princess – It’s time you knew Sarah Crewe.


Enough said.

14. Honey I Shrunk the Kids – Antie NOOOOOOO.

Does everyone recall when Antie got attacked by the scorpion in Honey I Shrunk The Kids? Well if you don’t remember it it maybe because you suppressed it from your memory. It’s terrifying right down to the soul. This isn’t a children’s movie, it should have a R rating. As well as it being mortifying, it was super sad when Ron had to say goodbye to his friend Antie after all the stinging. Oh Antie, you were gross but it was sad when you died. RIP.