14 Kids Hilariously Getting The Crap Scared Out Of Them

Kids getting scared may just be the funniest thing on the planet. These 14 kids just absolutely soiled themselves and it is so funny it may make you pee a little. Try and get through this, TRY IT.


1. That sass look he gives her at the end is priceless.


2. Bloody terrifying Jack.


3. Napping away and then BAM….and then some tears.

4. The boys seem to cry a lot more than the girls.


5. Damn rodents.


6. “Save me Jebus.”

7. Well that hilariously backfired.


8. We react like this to pineapple on pizza.


EMGNkidsgettingscared119. So that’s a broken back for this little girl.

10. Why is the little kid scared…Batman can defeat a box.


11. Did she knock herself out at the end?


12. Handing out broken backs all day.

13. Sweet majestic heavens.


14. That visor won’t save you now little girl.


That was wonderful.