14 Inanimate Objects That Are Bringing Sexy Back

What happens when normal, everyday objects are dressed or placed in a suggestive manner? Have a look at these bizarrely dressed and placed objects to check out. While some are accurate, others are funnily suggestive…


1. Yeah baby, hold up those phone lines


2. Halloween, the perfect time for extremely low-cut tops


3. Massive underwear, or a cut curtain?

4. A carrot auditioning for the Basic Instinct remake


5. Are there any other kind of artificial trees?


6. “Pink is my favorite color”

7. Please do NOT let this be a kids chair!?


8. I love lamp


9. Dynamite areolas

10. My mind’s telling me no…


11. “I lost my keys I swear”


12. Baby got back

13. The sign of a desperately lonely interior designer


14. When you use vegetables for sex ed