14 Images That Will Mess With Your Mind Real Good

These mind blowing discoveries will have you yelling at your computer in amazement.


1. Literally, the same person.

Katy Perry is Loki. It all makes sense now.


2. Luke, I am your icon.

You will pause before accepting this friend request. They could be dark-sided.


3. Wait…what? Help?

Is this coming or going…?

4. The Road to Caliente.


5. This has ruined the “&” symbol forever.


5. Say these names out loud in Pitbull’s voice.

6. Copyright issues.

Take those Teletubbies down J.R, it was your idea first.


7. Two birds, one drawing.


8. Magic school bus indeed.

That school bus turned them into superheroes.  That’s the dream.

9. Vladimir doesn’t look gladimir with this GoT comparison.


10.  How could you mistake this for his nose? Honestly people.


11.  No need to spell out the obvious.

12. Ahhh why? Why would you do this?


13.  Two heroes for the price of one Bat Signal.

Crucial time saving.


14. Throwing out trash or a juggler giving up his career?

Will we ever know?