14 Idiotic Geniuses Who Thrive Off DIY Car Repairs

These idiotic geniuses are clearly creative enough to invent clever DIY car repair solutions, but didn’t have enough brain juices left to make them safe or aesthetically pleasing.


1. Two of his neighbors are still wondering where their cars went.


2. It holds up when going five miles per hour.


3. Doors are clearly overrated.

4. Luckily, someone already captioned this idiocy.


5. To each their own.


6. Every car mechanic’s nightmare.

7. A door is a door.


8. Remember, the police don’t hand out brownie points for creativity.


9. How does this even work?!

10. Problem solved – for now.


11. “Humor me,” she said.


12. Nope, this is not a headlight…

13. … and this is not… wait, what is it? An air conditioner?!


14. “Sweetheart, I bought a trailer four our next camping holidays!”