14 Idiotic Activities Our Generation Will Have To Apologize For

Our generation has a lot to answer for.


1. The hipster mode of transportation.


2. Eating off clipboards.


3. Paying large sums of money for weird crap we don’t need.

4. Taking attention seeking to the next level.


5. The plaid plague.


6. Stupid tattoos.

7. Selfie memories.


8. Selfie stick savagery.


9. The whole “Netflix and chill” debacle, which is just free marketing for a gigantic streaming service.

10. The death of the English language.


11. The new concept of dating brought to you by Tinder.


12. These short yellow abominations.

13. The music and personality of Justin Bieber.


14. Every internet challenge highlighting the extreme lengths people will go to for attention.