14 Hilarious Details Even Hardcore Friends Fans Have Never Noticed

1. Janice’s laugh is even better when you turn subtitles on.

2. This poor girl was dumped on her birthday in Friends AND How I Met Your Mother.


3. Ben saw Chandler and Monica’s romantic potential way before everyone else.


4. Chandler moved out, Rachel moved in, but still no one fixed that door.

5. Monica and Chandler’s spare room is actually a haven for weird toys.


6. Guess who makes an appearance in 8 Simple Rules years after Friends was cancelled? Hugsy, Joey’s bedtime penguin pal.


Then he’s back in Everybody Loves Raymond.

7. In Barbados, Mike penalises Monica for touching the playing surface with her non-racquet-bearing hand, but commits the same foul himself later on in the game.



8. In The One With Rachel’s Date, Phoebe’s talking to Monica, but then the camera switches to Phoebes face and we get a rare shot of Monica’s double.

We also get a glimpse of Jack Gellar’s double in The One in Massapequa.

9. In The One With Chandler in a Box, the coffee house muffins have been replaced by a potato.


10. When the girls are packing up to move apartments, the boxes are named with Monica’s towel categories.



11. Sandy crying in Ross and Rachel’s apartment made Ross uncomfortable, but Emma was the one really judging him.

12. While Chandler and Ross are accusing the stripper of stealing the ring, Joey’s losing the plot in the background.

13. The whole show is full of jokes that are so much funnier now we’re grown up.

14. Bamboozle exists!