14 Hacks For Poor College Students…Or People In General

It’s hard to be a poor student, or a poor person in general. Let these life hacks help you get through the day a little easier, with minimum to no impact on your wallet.


1. Smelly dorm room?



2. No room in the fridge? Next best thing is the washing machine.

If you are a bit of a rebel and are hosting a shindig in your dorm, store the beer in the washing machine. You can put ice in it and as it melts it will drain the water like a normal wash cycle. Don’t turn it on though…you will ruin the beer.


3. No time to wait.

For those moments when you make bae dinner and you want everything to be perfect and ready at the same time.

4. Waterproof shoes.

This may not make you walk on water but it will keep water off them.


5. Increase your Wi-Fi signal.

It will help direct the signal through your house and stop those mooching internet leaches from stealing your internet.


6. You have been searching in Google wrong and wasting precious time.



7. Save that space, especially if you have roommates.



8. Only do this is you are super into chips.

Why you might have leftovers after opening the bag we aren’t sure. If you do, however, microwave the chips for two minutes then they will taste semi fresh.


9. Soap up that mirror.

If you desperately need the mirror moments after getting out of the shower, apply soap to it. This will defog it quickly.

10. Fender bender?

If you cannot afford to fix that fender bender, then this little DIY trick will make it look good as new. Pour boiling water on the dent and it will pop right out. Then apply cold water so that panel doesn’t warp.


11.  They are not just for ping pong balls.

Who knew that the lines on the red solo cups actually meant something? Each line represents the spirit, wine and beer measurements for a standard drink.


12. Cheap, clean and easy.


13. Snooze…not enough snooze.

If you are habitually guilty of hitting the snooze button, put another object in the way. If you put it in a glass you are left with the ordeal of the echo it will make and the awkwardness at retrieving it.


14. If you break the precious coffee pot.

If you are desperate for that caffeine fix and your pot is broken, fear not. Cut the bottom off a cup and seal it with a filter. It will only make one cup of coffee but you will be happy.


15. It’s better than bribing your roommate to listen to you.

This is a pretty genius idea and it will save you from pestering your roommates to listen to your essay about corrosion. When something is read out loud you are able to pick up on mistakes easier…easily…more easily…(Google translate).