14 Guys Who Immediately Regretted Their Chivalry

To be honest, there are not a lot of gentlemen left on the planet. However, these 14 lovely men have offered a girl a helping hand. It’s just a shame they immediately regretted their selfless acts.


1. Being between her legs didn’t turn out like he had hoped.


2. Why was this even necessary?


3. This is the face of regret.

4. Again, this is unnecessary behavior.


5. We don’t know what this guy’s issue is? It’s Rihanna. Smile.


6. You know he is going to go home and say “Urgh you have no idea how hard my day was dear.”

7. This only causes a stiff neck…nothing else.


8. She doesn’t realize that she is the most hated person there.


9. Once again, a famous person’s legs are wrapped around you…enjoy yourself.


10. …but when normal people do it it is a greater weight to bear.


11. Best wing man ever.


12. The struggle is real, the struggle continues.

13. Drowning in her love.


14. Remember your load bearing stance bro.


15. Now this is how it is done.