14 Fantastic Hairstyles For Fashionable Runners

You’re into running but you’re tired of the same old ponytail every single time? You totally hate it when your sweaty hair strands keep sticking to your neck and face? It may be about time to upgrade your running ponytail game, and get some new styles in the mix. We’re sure you could be rocking many other hairstyles as well, you just need some inspiration. These cute and simple ideas will help you out.


1. This cute top knot.


2. Ever tried a french fishtail?


3. The wrapped pony tail will do the trick.

4. Brilliant buns.


5. This braided chignon.


6. This knotted fauxhawk to upgrade your headband.

7. Boxer braids.


8. Criss-crossed braid updo.


9. This twisted fauxhawk.

10. Keep those bangs under control.


11. This romantic running ‘do with headband.


12. Upgrade your ponytail game.



14. This asymmetrical fishtail chignon.