14 Celebrities You Forgot Were Dirty Rotten Criminals

You may have forgotten that some of these people were arrested at all. That’s because they have been working hard to keep up that squeaky clean image since these incidents. Here are 14 people that almost made the world forget they are dirty rotten criminals – until we reminded you of course.


1. Christian Slater arrested for assault as well as alcohol and drug offences.

This guy has pretty much seen and done it all. From drunk driving in 1989, carrying a gun on to a plane in 1994, assaulting his girlfriend and a police officer in the same incident and in 2005 he was arrested for sexual assault. The charges were dropped provided he stay out of trouble for six months.


2. Charlie Sheen has been arrested for assault and criminal mischief.

Mr ‘tiger blood’ himself has had a long and storied history of drug abuse. In 2009 he assaulted then wife Brooke Mueller by allegedly holding her down on a bed and threatening her with a knife. He ended up being sentenced to a drug rehab clinic for 30 days.


3. Mickey Rourke was arrested for spousal abuse.

Mickey Rourke is your quintessential Hollywood bad boy and was actually an amateur boxer before he turned to acting. Rourke was arrested in 1994 for allegedly assaulting his wife, but the charges were later dropped.

4. Ozzy Osbourne arrested for public urination.

This one is pretty tame compared to some of the other ones on the list but makes it due to a poorly chosen peeing spot which just happened to be on a cenotaph. Osbourne was arrested and banned from the city of San Antonio for ten years. They apparently take their public urination seriously in San Antonio.


 5. R. Kelly was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor.

There aren’t a hell of a lot of things that are worse than being arrested for messing with a minor. Even murderers have successfully resurrected their careers but try getting back on the horse after being charged with sexually assaulting and urinating on an underage girl not once, but twice is a sure fire way to send yourself in to career oblivion.


6. Jay-Z stabbed a guy.

In December of 1999, Jay-Z (who is normally viewed as a pretty mellow kind of dude a part from a certain elevator incident) was charged with stabbing record executive Lance Riviera. Allegedly this happened after Jay-Z blamed Riviera for bootlegging Vol 3…Life and Times of S. Carter. The rapper turned hip hop mogul ended up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor.

7. Bill Gates was arrested for driving without a license.

At the time of his arrest for driving without a licence, Gates was just becoming hugely successful and like a boss paid for his $1,000 bail money with cash money straight from his wallet. You get the sense that Bill Gates probably thought that being arrested would make him a hit with the ladies. After informing them at parties that he’d done hard time he’d probably walk away hoping to give off that dangerous and mysterious vibe.


8. Will Smith was arrested for aggravated assault.

Will Smith was arrested in 1989 for his part in a group assault that left a man almost blind when he was 20. Charges against Smith were eventually dropped but that kind of makes you think differently about the guy you thought was too sissy to be a rapper.


9. Woody Harrelson was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Woody Harrelson has always been a bit of a lovable outlaw but that didn’t mean the police loved him. He got himself arrested in 1982 for disorderly conduct/resisting arrest and again in 1996 for growing hemp plants in his home.

10. Matthew McConaughey.

If you’re thinking that the only thing McConaughey deserves to be arrested for is his refusal to ever wear a shirt you’re actually half right. A neighbor of the Oscar winning actor called the cops when he heard a commotion next door and after the cops arrived they found McConaughey dancing naked in his house where Marijuana was also present. He was arrested but escaped prosecution when the charges were eventually dropped.


11. Martha Stewart lied to federal investigators and committed conspiracy.

Stewart is the reason you know how to cook so try not to judge too harshly. She received some insider advice from a stock broker that landed her in jail for five months and a two year house arrest.


12. Hugh Grant was arrested for sex in public with a prostitute.

Hugh Grant is your all-round good guy, so it was shocking when it hit the news that he cheated on then partner Liz Hurley with a prostitute named Divine.

13. Kobe Bryant was arrested for sexual assault.

In 2003, a 19-year-old hotel employee alleged that Bryant raped her in his room the night before he underwent knee surgery. He admitted the two had sex but claimed that it was consensual. The case was eventually dropped and Bryant settled a separate civil suit with the same girl out of court.


14. Mark Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder.

Before Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark he had a pretty rough childhood. He was in trouble with the Boston police two dozen times by the age of 13. Growing up he was involved in several incidents of racial abuse targeted against African-Americans and two separate incidents on the same day against Vietnamese men. In one of the cases he was charged with attempted murder but plead guilty to assault, serving only 45 days of a two year sentence.