14 Of The Most Bizarre (Yet Entirely Common) Ways People Die Every Year

It’s a dangerous world out there, sometimes life feels like a Final Destination movie where everything is conspiring to kill you. Every year around the world people are killed in strange ways – here are 14 of the strangest ways people kick the bucket.


1. Left handed people using right handed products.

Around 2,500 lefties are killed every year all around the world from using right handed products. It seems that left handers might be a dying breed.


2. Eating hot dogs.

This one might come as no surprise and is actually a pretty sad statistic that 70 children every year die from choking on hot dogs.


3. Auto erotic asphyxiation.

Making love can be a dangerous game especially when your thrills involve voluntarily strangling yourself. Around 600 people die every year from this sex act.

4. Texting.

We drive our cars everyday and that can make us complacent but around 572 teens die annually from texting and driving. Most of us aren’t good at multitasking in general let alone while operating heavy machinery. Your text can wait until you get to where you’re going.


5. Roller coasters.

Sad but true, the most fun you can have with your clothes on causes around four deaths per year in the USA.


6. Falling out of bed.

Falling out of bed should actually terrify the crap out of everyone. Seriously, we should all just burn our bed frames and sleep on the floor. Falling from your favorite place on earth accounts for 1.8 million emergency room visits each year and around 450 deaths in the USA.

7. Vending Machines.

Ever experience the pain of putting your money in the vending machine only for it to give you the big middle finger? The thirteen people who die every year around the world know all to well that those things are not all smiles and happiness.


8. Icicles.

Icicles are dangerous as hell. In places where it gets cold enough for these suckers to form, people know all too well the dangers they possess. The deaths usually occur when the icicles fall from the gutters of homes onto sidewalks killing around 100 people in Russia every year.


9. Selfies.

Sometimes that perfect shot just isn’t worth it. Selfies have killed more people than sharks this year (12 vs 8). Four were the result of falling, two were from a grenade (pin out), two from posing with hand guns, two grabbed live electrical wires and two were hit by a train.

10. Ignition of nightwear.

You never knew your pajamas could be so dangerous, six people are killed every year in the USA from their nightgowns catching fire.


11. Falling from ladders.

The amount of people that die from falling off ladders is around the same as those that die from falling out of bed although slightly more at 477 fatalities every year in the USA. We have to sleep so that’s a risk we are willing to take but that ladder is evil, get rid of it!


12. Power lines.

If you’re silly enough to grab one of these then you’re going to know all about it until you don’t. Around 105 people die getting shocks from electric transmission lines every year in the USA.

13. Caught between objects.

What happens when you get caught between a rock and a hard place? Around 103 Americans know the answer to that unfortunate question after being caught between objects and mechanical forces.