14 Absurd Reasons Why Kids Got Suspended

There is a difference between being cautious and responsible to being absolutely insane with a false sense of power. It seems as though these teachers and principles have suspended 14 kids for just being kids. God forbid someone carries a girl who is having an asthma attack to the nurse’s office before the nurse emails back to say if it is OK. How dare that child save that other child’s life without permission. Take a look at the other examples of kids getting in trouble at school that required an unwarranted paddlin’.



1. Advil – that’s a paddlin’.

Savana Redding was an eighth grader whose bag was confiscated and searched because she was suspected of selling drugs. The only drugs they found were two Advil pills. When the teachers couldn’t find anything they ordered her to be strip searched and once again they found no illegal drugs. Her parents sued the school and it went to the supreme court.


2. Bringing a Hello Kitty bubble gun – that’s a little paddlin’.

A five-year-old girl was suspended when she bought her Hello Kitty bubble gun to school. She suggested to a classmate that they have a bubble gun fight. Her suggestion was viewed as a terrorist threat and she was suspended from Kindergarten for ten days, which was eventually reduced to two days. The school made her have a psychological evaluation and her parents threatened to sue.

3. Granny and her evil ways – paddlin’ for Granny and the birthday girl.

A grandmother sent her grandchild a birthday cake to her school to celebrate with her classmates. She also packed a knife and candles to go with the cake. After the teacher cut the cake for the students she turned the student in for having a knife at school. She was expelled  but the expulsion was later overturned.


4. Pop Tarts will kill you, so – that’s a pop tart paddlin’.

A Maryland student was suspended for biting his pop tart into the shape of a gun. He then said “bang bang” to other students and apparently that was a terror threat. The boy’s parents fought the school for two years and the suspension was eventually upheld.


5. Playing pretend – paddlin’ all day.

Mason Jammer was playing around with his friends when he made his hands into the the shape of a gun. Jefferson Elementary school suspended him because it made some students feel uncomfortable.

6. Burping – a paddle for you.

Handcuffed and put in jail for burping too loudly in class. The teacher also suspected him of having pot, so when the authorities came he was strip searched. After finding no drugs on the boy, his parents filled a lawsuit against the school.


7. Eating Jolly Ranchers – paddlin’ all the way to the dentist.

In Texas, a third grader got detention for a week for having Jolly Rancher lollies. The school said they were only adhering to the “no junk food” policy of the school.


8.  An inch sized LEGO gun – ohh you bet your ass that’s a paddlin’.

A 6-year-old from a Massachusetts school accidentally brought a LEGO gun to school that was as big as a pinky finger. His fellow classmates told the bus driver who in return told the school. After they came to the conclusion that it was not threatening, the boy was ONLY given detention and told to write an apology letter.

9. Paper gun – paddlin’, paddlin’, paddlin’.

A Philadelphia elementary student was suspended because the piece of paper that was given to her by her grandfather looked like the shape of a gun. She had thrown the piece of paper in the trash and one of her fellow classmates took it out of the trash and gave it to the teacher.


10. Admiration for Canadian leaf – You betcha that’s a paddlin’.

In Virginia a elementary student was given one year’s suspension and a psychological evaluation for having a leaf in his bag that looked like pot. It was simply a maple leaf that another student put in his bag. He was eventually allowed to return to school but he was never the same.


11. Saving a life – big ol’ paddlin’.

Anthony Rulelas got suspended when he carried his fellow classmate to the nurse’s office when she was having an asthma attack. The teacher said she needed to wait for an email reply from the nurse before taking the student to the office. After the student fell on the ground struggling to breathe, Anthony said “F*ck that we ain’t going to wait for no email from the nurse.” He was suspended for two days for not following teacher’s orders.

12. Honor student missing class – that’s a jailing.

Diane Trait worked two jobs to support her siblings as well as getting straight A’s at school. Due to her personal responsibilities she missed 11 days of school over the year. She was arrested for truancy and held for 24 hours. The charges were later dropped.


13. Being good at science – PADDLIN’ all the way to the White House.

Ahmed Mohamed made a clock for a science project at school. The teacher thought that it looked like a bomb and he was arrested and interrogated by police. After the social media got a whiff of this story it sparked outrage and Ahmed was invited to the White House by President Obama. Even though the charges were dropped, the suspension stood.


14. “I love you” – that is a rejection and a paddlin’.

A 9-year-old boy was sent to the principles office and threatened to be arrested for sexual harassment after he wrote a love note to a girl in his class. He said that he liked her hair because it wasn’t sloppy and she was pretty and cute.